What are you most excited about for your wedding? Music? Walking down the aisle? Music? Getting
dressed? Or, photography? Of course, every couple wants to get clicked in the most presentable way in
their wedding photography. Your dream would come true only when you hire professional wedding
photography in Southampton. Here is a wedding photography checklist to help you out.

Meet with the photographer in person
No matter if you choose to hire the biggest name in the field of wedding photography in your locality,
you must meet the photographer in person. Discuss what do you expect from your wedding
photography. Talk about your style, wedding tradition, culture, and religion. Discuss everything you
want beyond typical wedding photography.

Ask about timeline
Confirm about the timelines with the photographer. It will include when the s/he will arrive and
schedule a time for formal photos. Also, ask about the post-wedding timelines which will be required to
create your wedding albums.

Shoot the engagements
Not every couple consider engagement photos necessary, but it is highly recommendable. After all, it is
one of the most special moments of your life that deserved to be captured. In addition, the ceremony
allows you to practice couple posing which will come handy when getting clicked on the wedding day.
Discuss with your photographer what works best for you. You can also share your favorite pose with
him/her. The engagement shoot will allow you to relax in front of your camera. It will also give you an
idea of what should you expect on your wedding day. You just need to include engagement photos in
your wedding photography package.

Even you get a referral from your best friend, it is advisable to get everything down on paper. It includes
time, venue address, reception, dates and other locations. Be clear about every detail mentioned in the
Have a happy married life ahead!
What are you excited the most about your wedding?

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