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mysite client area

MySite makes it simple for couples to stay organised when choosing entity photographic Southampton as their photographers.  In 2004 we created MySite to take the stress out of organising your wedding, portrait or event photography.  We create a mini-website personalised to your service to house your booking information, payments, galleries and previews so they’re always just a click away 24hrs a day.  No more paperwork, letters or forms to lose and be confused by. MySite thinks of everything before your wedding or event so you can have fun and smile naturally and look even better in your pictures.

My Site not only puts a smile on our clients faces it works even harder to make the environment a little happier too! It allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions by preventing unnecessary printing & postage and helping to make our office and your home, a little more paper free. Less post, less paper,  less fuss! Facebook Couples can share their pictures & album design with friends & family, share a link to their gallery and post the web ready images to FaceBook! MySite is securely password protected and galleries offer online payments through PayPal.

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You may have been given a card at a wedding or event. Click below to find a gallery from the studio, a wedding or from a recent event. Find A Gallery

 MySite Client Area

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